Welcome to my author website. I’ve never created a webpage before so I apologise in advance for the lack of ‘bells and whistles’, the general absence of ‘bling’ and the occasional ‘stuff-up’. However, hopefully it will eventually do what it is designed to do – which is to tell you all a little bit about myself, about my books, about my other writings, and also about my general philosophy of life. Also it will give you the chance to ask me questions and to offer some considered and constructive feedback on the books.

There are now three Facebook pages to visit:

My author page: https://www.facebook.com/rosemary.fryth
‘Riothamus’ trilogy page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Riothamus-trilogy/104106256414832
‘The Darkening’ trilogy: https://www.facebook.com/rosemary.fryth#!/TheDarkeningTrilogy

Also if you want to see something a little different, then feel free to check out my efforts as an amateur sculptor:

I also have very reluctantly ventured into the minefield that is Twitter – and like any minefield, I try not to go in there much and when I have to, with great trepidation.

You navigate around the site by clicking the words in the black bar just below the top photograph or the clickable links in the sidebar. There will be new pages added from time to time as I publish new material or think about other things that might interest you.

So good luck and happy browsing.

P.S. It will be a little while yet before my stories make it into ‘treebook’ format; however in the meantime my stories are able to be read not only on electronic Kindles, but also on other devices as well, including computers. If you don’t yet possess a Kindle, but still want to read a Kindle book, all you need do is download the free software called ‘Kindle for PC’.  The following link will take you to the Amazon site where you can download this software:


If you have enjoyed my books then I’d deeply appreciate it if you could write
a short review on Goodreads, or Amazon or Smashwords, or any other website where you purchased the book(s), or downloaded the books for free.



In the recent past I have discovered unauthorised copies of my eBooks on Amazon and other download sites. Please do not reward criminal scammers, and only download authorised versions of my eBooks by following the eBook links on this website.


News Updates

Many thanks to author Paul Western-Pittard for the opportunity to promote my writing and books via a candid author interview on his blog:


All my novels are available from Amazon and Smashwords (including their Premium Catalogue), and in addition, and as an introduction to my two trilogies, the first book in each trilogy (‘Dark Confluence’ and ‘Arantur’) are now available to download for free from Amazon.com*, Amazon.uk* and Smashwords and Free-eBooks.net.

(* Freebies available via Amazon price-matching,
although sometimes they will revert to full price.)

More information and links on the ‘Free Stuff’ page of this website.


There is a brand new edition (September 2012) of the Riothamus trilogy out.
The trilogy has always been a handmade/homemade project, so a big and heartfelt thanks to everyone who has provided invaluable feedback. Your comments have helped make the latest edition a much smoother reading experience.


There is a new edition of ‘Dark Confluence’ out - an edition with a new cover, new text layout, and some very minor alterations to the story.


No, you haven’t been seeing things – there is a new cover on ‘Dark Confluence’.
A very talented graphic artist has come up with a new design.
I reckon she’s done an excellent job.
Check it out here: http://www.rosemaryfryth.com/dark-confluence/


A great new review on ‘Dark Confluence’ is out now on Fantasy Book Review UK.
Check it out here:



I recently did an interview for Jennifer Alvarez about how I ‘world-built’ my fantasy stories. The interview can be read at the link below:



A nice new review is out on Arantur:


There may be some exciting news for the Riothamus series mid-year. A talented artist friend has volunteered to do new covers for the trilogy, so hopefully we will be seeing Aran and his friends ‘in-the-flesh’.


I hope to have the Riothamus trilogy available later as paperback
books, more information on that as it comes to hand.


Welcome to my library

Let me introduce you to my published works:

 The first book in ‘The Darkening’, a contemporary paranormal dark fantasy trilogy.
Published 2012, Amazon Kindle & Smashwords

The second book in ‘The Darkening’, a contemporary paranormal dark fantasy trilogy. Published 2012, Amazon Kindle & Smashwords

RIOTHAMUS – Book 1, ‘Arantur’
RIOTHAMUS – Book 2, ‘The High King’
RIOTHAMUS – Book 3, ‘Warriormage’
A heroic epic fantasy trilogy published 2011, Amazon Kindle
Second edition published 2012, Amazon Kindle

A selection of my poetry
First published 1999 Ginninderra Press,
republished 2011 Amazon Kindle

Further in on my website you can read more about my books and links to where
you can buy them. All my books are also available on Amazon.uk
(and in English on) Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.es and Amazon.it, as well as Smashwords.

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