My First Paperback Novel


‘Dark Confluence’ the eBook is now again available to buy.
The paperback version of the book is again available to buy via
Other buy links are here, I will post more as they become available.

Dark Confluence 3D

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Contact Information

G’day, if you would like to get onto my email list, and receive future newsletters which will contain sneak-peeks at my new releases and cover reveals, competitions, special offers and freebies from me, and other goodies, then this link will take you to it.

Rest assured, your email address will remain private between you and I, and I will not pass it onto any nefarious or dodgy sites.

Otherwise, if you need to contact me then you can do so via my author email address:


My email is checked a couple of times a week, so expect delays unless you and I are in regular communication.

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Welcome to my author website. I’ve never created a webpage before so I apologise in advance for the lack of bells and whistles, the general absence of bling and the occasional stuff-up. However, hopefully it will eventually do what it is designed to do – which is to tell you all a little bit about my books and about my other writings. Also it will give you the chance to ask me questions and to offer some considered and constructive feedback on the books.

There are two Facebook pages to visit:

‘Riothamus’ trilogy.
‘The Darkening’ trilogy

Also if you want to see something a little different, then feel free to check out my efforts as an amateur sculptor.

You navigate around the site by clicking the words in the black bar just below the top photograph or the clickable links in the sidebar. There will be new pages added from time to time as I publish new material or think about other things that might interest you.

So good luck and happy browsing.

P.S. It will be a little while yet before the ‘Riothamus’ trilogy makes it into ‘treebook’ format; however in the meantime it is able to be read not only on electronic Kindles, but also on other devices as well, including computers. If you don’t yet possess a Kindle, but still want to read a Kindle book, all you need do is download the free software called ‘Kindle for PC’.  The following link will take you to the Amazon site where you can download this software.

If you have enjoyed my books then I’d deeply appreciate it if you could write
a short review on Goodreads, or Amazon or Smashwords, or any other website where you purchased the book(s), or downloaded the books for free.



In the past I have discovered unauthorised copies of my eBooks on Amazon and other download sites. Please do not reward criminal scammers, and only download authorised versions of my eBooks by following the eBook links on this website.


News Updates

A four (out of five) star review of Dark Confluence here

“Review: I like that the heroine is not your typical woman, She is older with an already established life. The book began a bit slow but quickly picks up the pace as you begin to be submerged into the situation. There are times when you are getting just the right amount of detail while other times you are left wanting just a little bit more. Overall a great story that I look forward to continuing.”


Sadly I have been informed that the new publishing company that I signed with (Bison Publishing) has been liquidated. The three-book Contract that I signed is now null and void. ‘Dark Confluence’ has now been re-released as a self-published eBook and paperback.


New book written and published – ‘The Dresser Man’ – a stand-alone novella set in ‘The Darkening’ world. Genre is dark fantasy/paranormal romance/erotica.


I’m in the process of sweeping two or three years’ worth of accumulated dust, possum droppings, autumn leaves, and other assorted detritus off my website. I’ve just finished going through one year’s worth of emails (99% spam, a couple that were phishing, and one telling me that I had won a fortune – and if I would kindly submit my bank details, they’d deposit the said funds into it). Now to post some updates (see above).


All my novels are available from Amazon and Smashwords (including their Premium Catalogue), in addition, and as an introduction to my stories, the first book in the ‘Riothamus’ trilogy is now available to download for free from*,* and Smashwords and

(* Freebies available via Amazon price-matching,
although sometimes they will revert to full price.)

More information and links on the ‘Free Stuff’ page of this website.


There is a brand new edition (September 2012) of the ‘Riothamus’ trilogy out.
The trilogy has always been a handmade/homemade project, so a big and heartfelt thanks to everyone who has provided invaluable feedback. Your comments have helped make the latest edition a much smoother reading experience.


I recently did an interview for Jennifer Alvarez about how I ‘world-built’ my fantasy stories. The interview can be read at this link.


A nice new review is out on Arantur.


I hope to have the Riothamus trilogy available later as paperback
books, more information on that as it comes to hand.


Welcome to my library

Let me introduce you to my published works:

 The first book in ‘The Darkening’, a contemporary paranormal dark fantasy trilogy.
Published 2012, Amazon Kindle & Smashwords
(now under Contract with Bison Publishing).

The second book in ‘The Darkening’, a contemporary paranormal dark fantasy trilogy. Published 2012, Amazon Kindle & Smashwords
(now under Contract with Bison Publishing).

The third book in ‘The Darkening’, a contemporary paranormal dark fantasy trilogy.
Forthcoming – due out December 2015
(now under Contract with Bison Publishing).

A stand-alone novella in ‘The Darkening’ world.
Genre is contemporary paranormal dark fantasy/paranormal romance/erotica
Published 2015, Amazon Kindle

RIOTHAMUS – Book 1, ‘Arantur’
RIOTHAMUS – Book 2, ‘The High King’
RIOTHAMUS – Book 3, ‘Warriormage’
A heroic epic fantasy trilogy published 2011, Amazon Kindle
Second edition published 2012, Amazon Kindle

A selection of my poetry
First published 1999 Ginninderra Press,
republished 2011 Amazon Kindle

Further in on my website you can read more about my books and links to where
you can buy them. All my books are also available on
(and in English on),, and, as well as Smashwords.


p.s. Found on the ‘net’…


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