‘Dark Confluence’ – Book 1 of ‘The Darkening’ trilogy

‘Dark Confluence’ is not what you call generic dark fantasy – it is set in a country town in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland of Queensland, Australia, and there is not a single vampire or werewolf in sight!

I wrote ‘Dark Confluence’ for two reasons. Firstly, because I love dark fantasy/paranormal fiction and wanted to write a story in that genre. Secondly, because Australia doesn’t have many, if any adult fairy tales set here, and I wanted to create one.  I also wanted to write a dark fantasy with a mature-aged heroine. So many books in that genre feature teenagers – as a mature woman I felt disengaged from those characters, I could not relate to them, so Jen McDonald was born.

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Here is a reader’s thoughts about ‘Dark Confluence’:

A Must Read! July 8, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I have to admit I don’t normally go for the more terrifying books. However, Dark Confluence by Rosemary Fryth is just too good to pass up. It’s spooky without being cheesy and not over the top with gore and violence. Instead it’s fantastically scary, suspenseful and thought provoking. I lost sleep while reading this book, it’s definitely a page turner!
I thoroughly enjoyed the main character, Jen. She is an incredible heroine. She finds herself at the center of a paranormal crisis in the small town where she lives and instead of running from the trouble, she learns how to face it. Brave, compassionate, and selfless, Jen makes it very easy to get behind her. I also enjoyed that the main character wasn’t a teen, but a grown woman. It’s nice to read about adults from time to time.
Fryth’s tale is creepy but filled with the beauty of the Australian countryside. It’s written in the third person which I love because you get to see the story progress from different perspectives. I enjoyed this book from start to finish and I will definitely be checking out the rest of Fryth’s work.
(5 stars)

‘The Darkening’ trilogy has been taken up by a New York publishing house, so by the terms of the Contract, all legitimate copies that are currently on Amazon, Smashwords, and free-ebooks.net have been taken down. Stay tuned for their new incarnations under the tender loving care of Bison Publishing. Links will follow in due course.


Here is some more about the story:

The small Queensland country town of Emerald Hills is under siege by paranormal forces!

Jen McDonald faces a quandary. Traumatised by a car accident after seeing a mysterious, dark-shrouded figure on the road, Jen believes she may be losing her mind. Maybe there is instead a far more malign reason for the mysterious and frightening goings-on in Emerald Hills. Perhaps the enigmatic and otherworldly Fionn has the answers she needs?

As the mystery unfolds before her, Jen begins to feel trapped, not only between warring factions of the supernatural Faeries, but also by her desire for one of them. She does not want to be a heroine, but it is possible that her newly discovered and special gift will force her to be the town’s defender.

Author’s Note: ‘Dark Confluence’ is an Australian-based, short novel in the dark fantasy/paranormal fantasy/paranormal romance genres. It is a contemporary and topical adult fable and is written for readers eighteen years and older.

Word count – 56,000


For those who may have wondered where in the world the fictional town
of ‘Emerald Hills’ is set.


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